The 5 Most Important Things To Teach Your Dog

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Not all dogs are easy to train and some things are less useful to teach a dog then others.  So if you have a difficult dog to train or just don't have the time to teach your dog everything, you should stick to the most important things that your dog should know.  Below is a list of what we believe are the most important things for your dog to know.  Depending on your situation you may want to add a few more or change the terminology for the commands.

"Leave it"
This could possibly be the most important thing you teach your dog.  "Leave it" can be used to have your dog drop something, not eat something, not sniff something, not start a fight or approach another dog and to let go if it is biting.  "Leave it" means that your dog is supposed to drop or walk away from whatever she was about to eat, bite, sniff or approach.   This command could save your dog's life if she was about to eat something poisonous or sniff a poisonous snake or simply prevent a fight if your dog was about to approach another dog.  Teach your dog "leave it."

Almost as important as "leave it," the command "come" could also be a life saver.  This is often the first thing a dog learns and should be practiced often.  If you are in an emergency and need your dog to come for their own safety this is crucial.  It also comes in handy when you are at the dog park and you want to leave.  Rather than chase around a dog with a leash in hand you can just give the "come" command.  It looks much better when your dog listens.  Teach Your Dog to "come."

Not necessarily life saving, the "Off" command is just polite.  Many people don't want dogs jumping up, so if you ever plan on having people over or you want to take your dog out in public you should teach the "Off" command.  This command is particularly important if you have a large dog that could potentially knock over someone or cause injury.  While your dog may be jumping out of love and kindness, you need a way to control it. Teach your dog "off."

The "sit" command is often the first thing taught after your dog has learned to come on command.  This command is easy to teach and extremely versatile.  "Sit" is often used as a means to calm a dog or keep it in a resting position.   You can use it when you go to put on a leash, feed your dog, open a door or any other task that might make your dog excited or wild.  If you teach your dog to sit with hand signals you can use it to have your dog sit at a distance which could be life saving if they are trying to cross a busy road. Teach your dog "sit."

"Go Potty"
This is the best command you can ever teach your dog. Granted it won't save your life but it sure might save your sanity on a snowy day or when you have somewhere to go.  If you teach your dog to go potty on command you can get the business done quickly when the weather is bad of you are in a rush.  This is simply a way to make your life easier, particularly if you live in an apartment in the city.  Trust us, if you teach your dog this you will thank us!  Obviously this only works if your dog does have to go but if you stick to a routine this works like a charm.  Teach your dog "go potty."

Every ones lifestyle necessitates different commands but the above are the few commands that we believe every dog should know.

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