About Us

dalmatian dog

We are dog lovers to the core. They are our passion and they make our world brighter. From a wagging tail when we get home, to a running partner motivating us in the morning, we know how important "man's best friend" is and we are here to help you and your dog have the best lives possible.

Our mission is . . . 

. . . To educate dog owners, prospective owners, and enthusiasts about the nature and responsibilities of dog ownership.

. . . To provide relevant and critical information to the dog community on a global and local level.

. . . To keep it fun like our dogs.

. . . To reflect in every action, business relationship and interaction the spirit of the relationship between dog and owner.  To always keep dogs' best interest in mind.

 We strive daily to live by our mission and put all dogs first.

Photo by: Grumpy_Chris at www.flickr.com