Advertising Policy

We believe in full transparency when it comes to online advertising.  We made this because we love dogs and want to create a non-biased place where owners can learn about their dogs and how to care for them, not because we are trying to sell you something. Below is our policy as to how we will deal with advertising.  If you have questions or feel something on our site is misleading please go to the Contact Us page immediately and let us know. 

Ads are needed to help pay for the site.  Since we do not currently charge for any features on the site we will be using advertising to pay for the content.  Below is how we will handle all advertising or sponsorships.

Display Ads and Take-Overs
At this time we are not using display ads on our site.  We might use display advertising but it will always be clearly differentiated from the actual content on the site to keep users from being confused by the ads.

Collaboration/Content Sponsorship
We believe in working with other companies that have similar goals as us and will from time to time have special sections that will be collaborations or sponsored content.  We will not change our views or opinions for the collaborations or sponsorships and will only write what we believe.  In addition all collaborations and sponsorships will be clearly marked so you know that the content is sponsored.

We will allow sponsorships of contests.  We will clearly state sponsorship as the prize will likely come from the sponsor. 

Product Reviews
Under no circumstances will product reviews be sponsored.  A company can not pay for a good review. We welcome and accept samples to test with but by sending us a sample we do not guarantee a good review of your product.   We will rate and review things based on our opinion of the product.

If you would like to send a sample of your product for review you can send it to the following address:

MetroSniff LLC
1597 York Ave, Suite 15
New York, NY 10028

If you would like us to consider a proposal for collaboration or you would like to sponsor a contest please contact us at