A Dog Dies Under Delta's Care Who's Fault Is It?

air travel - By Melissa Mathews on Friday, January 7, 2011 - 16:51

We understand its sad and difficult to lose a dog.  And in the below case we think that the airline may be at fault, but owners must educate themselves on what is healthy for their dog and be aware of any risk before doing something.

Michelle said her bulldog, Guinness, died on a flight from Germany to Atlanta, and that Delta has not taken responsibility for the death.

I just saw your story about Nala that you wrote. I can completely sympathize. Last month on November 4th, we flew our dogs (Guinness our 6 year old bulldog and Lola our shih tzu) back from Germany, where we were working for the Army and now moving home. We were notified after the first flight (into Atlanta) that Guinness didn't survive, when he had made the flight a year an a half earlier. The next day they put Lola on two wrong flights, making her fly over 12 hours and on 4 different flights alone in cargo and putting our family through even more hell waiting for her to arrive and wondering if she would survive all the stress.

You can read the full story at Consumerist.com.  Sadly in this case we think both the airline and the owners are to blame for this.  Learn about your breed the moment you get them and you will be able to protect them from needless injury in the future!


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