Dyson Answers Dog Owners Calls!

feature 2, dyson, vacume, dyson, dyson, grooming, vacuume - By Melissa Mathews on Thursday, November 11, 2010 - 11:24

 Ever wanted to vacuum your dog?  We sure have!  Up until now any pet related vacuum attachment has focused on removing pet hair from floors and furniture, well what if you could remove it directly from your dog?  An amazing thought right?  Well we have some awesome news!  Dyson the makers of the most stylish and powerful vacuums around has hear our calls.  They have come up with a tool that allows you to vacuum your dog. 


For now the vacuum attachment only appears on their UK site so hopefully soon it will reach our shores.  And while it is not for all dogs, a large portion of dogs will be able to be vacuumed.

The Dyson groom tool is designed for use on medium and long-haired dogs. However, it's not recommended for use on dogs with a woollen coat, such the Kommodor or Puli. It should only be used on adult dogs.

Now if only you could vacuum a short haired dog.  We think Dyson will think of that soon!

More Information [Dyson.co.uk]

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