Who do I contact to advertise?

 advertising@metrosniff.com but please read our Advertising Policy first.

Content and suggestions

Can I write for you?

Maybe.  We are very selective in who we allow to write for us.  We highly vet our experts to make sure our users get the best information out there.  So you can feel free to email us and we would be happy to talk to you about potentially submitting an article or two.

Can I send you ideas?

Yes but if you do they fall under the Submission Guideline.

Can I ask your experts questions?

Yes send us an email at info@metrosniff.com with your question and you will get an expert answer.



Who do I contact with technical problems?

You can email us at info@metrosniff.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



How do I enter contests?

Currently we do not have a way to upload photos on the site.  Contest entries can be emailed to info@metrosniff.com.  Just put "Contest" in the headline and the subject of the contest.

What are your contest rules?

They are pretty basic.  By submitting a photo us you are agreeing that you own the rights to submit the photo.  You are also giving us permission to post the image, and use it in the future with full rights to the image.  We run our company ethically so we will not miss use your image or video.   You can submit multiple photos but can only win one prize if multiple are offered.

who are your judges?

They vary per contest.  Typically there are 3 judges per contest so it is a fair contest.


Who are your authors?

We have tons of experts and are currently building up a section so you can read up on them.  Each expert is the best at there area of expertise.  In addition we have a group of staff writers that help to build the basic information on the site.

Can I contact them directly?

If their information is in the article to contact them you may.  If you do not see it and would like to reach out to our experts please let us know and we will assist you.