Pros and Cons of Buying A Dog Online

buying, online - By Melissa Mathews on Friday, April 9, 2010 - 12:04

Todays technology makes is so simple to get almost anything online including a puppy.  While the internet can be used to help learn about dogs, breeds and connect with breeders, buying a dog off of an unknown website can potentially be a bad idea if you are not careful.

1.  Convenience.  It doesn't get any easier to get a dog then going online.  Different sites allow you to browse thousands of puppies without ever getting off the couch.  This can be great fun when you just want to see some cute pups but can potentially be a disaster in the long run. 

1. Scams.  The most obvious problem is scams.  When buying online you are giving your money to an unknown party who may or may not give you a puppy or dog.  One of the most common scams is people selling purebred puppies at steep discounts pending deposit and shipping costs from overseas.  They inevitably turn out to be a scam and they keep the money without sending the pup.

2.  Unknown puppy origin.  You have no idea what you will be sent.  The dog could be older then the photos, a different breed or a mix.  You have no idea where this dog is coming from or what you will actually end up with.  If you ask plenty of questions it is possible to get a good dog online but you need to invest the time in getting the right one.

3.  Distance/shipping.  Unless you find a puppy that is close you will likely have to ship it.  This can be traumatic for the dog.  Some breeds should not be shipped, particularly those with flat faces, and some will not bounce back from the trauma.

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Submitted by jenny on Thu, 2011-04-21 12:08.

You've got that rigth! I used to love the web so much... At some point my personal info got into the wrong hands. Months later I applied for a credit card and got denied. I wanted to know why and it turned out someone had taken a huge loan on my name! Now I'm facing a debt settlement. And all of that for purchasing a couple of small items online. My advice is... if you can buy it at the store, with cash, don't go looking for a cheaper price on the net!


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