What To Do If Your Dog Is Stolen

Theft - By Staff Writer on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - 15:52

One lucky family in Las Cruces, New Mexico was able to catch the theft of their dog on the home surveillance camera.  This footage is invaluable to the owners as it shows the make and model of the car that the dog was stolen in and proves that it was in fact theft and not a Houdini act on the part of the dog. 

Sadly a dog theft is slightly more worrisome than losing a dog.  Since the dog thief has obvious intentions for the dog being stolen, and many owners are not as fortunate in the event of a theft and are left with little or no information on the perpetrator.   In the event that your dog is stolen and you are left with no physical proof you need to act quickly and make sure you take the proper steps to try to get your dog back safely. Below are best practice steps for if your dog is stolen.

Write Down Everything You Remember
Its easy to forget or get confused in the chaos after your dog is stolen so as quick as you can write down anything you remember about the situation or suspect.  Ask any witnesses if they saw who took the dog and get as detailed of a description as possible.

Go To The Police
Immediately report the theft.  Having a police report on record will help in the event that there is a question of ownership.  In addition the police will be able to investigate if you have information on the suspect of their vehicle. 

Notify Local News
Send a tip into local news outlets to help get the word out. Send in an updated photo and give them as much detail as possible.  It will likely not make the local evening news but it may land on their webpage.

Canvas The Area
Do as you typically would if your dog was lost.  Canvas the area but spread out a bit further.  The dog is not on foot so it will likely be transported much further.  Stick to busy areas to get as much visibility on the missing posters as possible.  Focus on vets offices as a new owner may take the dog to the vet right away.

Search Dog Sale Listings
Go online to Craigslist and other dog sale sites and search for your dogs breed.  If the intention was to re-sell the dog you may find your dog up for sale on these sites.

Keep Your Phone On
If the dog thief was hoping to get ransom for your pup, keep your phone on incase they call the number on your dog tag.  Make sure you record the number that the call came from as it may help police track the thief.

While it is best to prevent theft all together by keeping your dog with you at all times or inside locked up when you are out, theft is not always entirely preventable.  The best you can do in a situation like this is stay calm and start to work quickly to recover your pup.

 Full Article On Dog Theft [Las Cruces Sun News]

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