Building A First Aid Kit for Your Dog

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What is the one thing that every office must have and every home should have?  A first aid kit and if you have one for yourself you should have one for your dog.  If by chance you have neither now is your chance to go get both, you never know when an emergency will strike and what you will need to save your dog’s life.

There are a few basics that every dog first aid kit should have.  Below are the basics you should start with when building your dog’s kit.

Regular scissors
Bandage scissors
Disposable Gloves

Non-stick bandages
Bandage tape
Vet wrap

Liquids and Powders:
Styptic powder or sticks
Dog ear wash
Water based lube
Ointments - Neosporin
Cleaner - betadine
Eye flush

A vet prescribed pain killer
Benadryl and information on your vet’s dosage suggestions
Extra medication for your dog

Muzzle - soft
Cold and hot packs
Socks, rubber cover for paws
Nylon slip leash

Extra vet records
Emergency contact numbers and Emergency Plans


Beyond that you can add anything you feel you might need.   If you are putting together a kit for your home, you can refer to our article on emergency kits.  Use a sturdy box for your supplies, one that will keep everything dry.  All medications, ointments and any other expiable element should be checked every six months to make sure are still effective.  We suggest, if you have lots of dogs, you get multiple kits and if you travel often with your dog keep an extra one in your car.


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